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Established 16 years ago to help the growing demand of reliable and superior support for the Apple environment.

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David Nobay. Creative Chairman, Marcel Sydney.

"I.T's a funny business: you don't think about it until things go wrong, or slow down, or crash or, as is often the case, all three. Or rather, it was the case, until I discovered tecWare & Thommy Kiel. In my experience in this business (alas, over 25 years now), he's unique in this country: a guy who not only understands the bizarre technology needs of creative companies, but is also pro-active enough to future-proof you, too. Add to all this the fact that he's charming, has a great sense of humor (not to be assumed with all Germans) and can be trusted 100% to do what he promises, and you'll understand why I recommend him to everyone I know in the creative business."


Rebecca Flex. CEO at Company.

No one is better than Jane Doe.

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